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September 24, 2003



Is that half a dozen single spaced or double spaced pages?





But hey, think of it as 800-900 words by six pages: 5000.


What suggestions do you have for us on citations, seeing as many of us will be utilizing things like interviews and online dialogue in our papers?


How formal should our writing be in this paper? Is it ok to say "I felt really confused when I saw him playing" or should I try to stay in the 3rd person? Also, how much theory do you want in our papers. My subject does not seem to be following any theories really. Can I just talk about what I've learned and then reflect on it with a little Freud, Jung, and Piaget but mostly my own ideas?


i'm feeling really lost ... my subject wasn't/isn't being extremely helpful. and nothing she does or says seems to relate to anything that we've talked about in class. is there something that i'm missing?? please wb asap. thanks.


800-900 words per page would require me to use size 10 font. That seems really small to me. Is that what you want?

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