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October 27, 2003



i'm an ESFP, extrovertion, sensing, feeling, perceiving. interesting.


I'm an INTP, but I don't really feel like that describes me. I think I'm on the borderline with regards to several of the categories (especially the thinker/feeler one).


I took the small test and found out that I was an ESFJ. I looked at it again and I was an ESFP. I think it's really hard to place myself in one of the two categories. I can see how these tests apply to Jung's view on personalities but I don’t agree with it. Does he say anything about being part of both categories at the same time or switching between the categories?


I'm an ESTP.
This seems to describe me pretty well except I keep ending up being referred to as impulsive which I really don't feel describes me at all. This is probably because for most of the categories there are a few things on each opposing list that I feel describe me and I am just forced to pick one of them.
I tried this on a few friends and they had the same sorts of problems with it.
I feel as though these categories assume too much and make too many generalizations about personality traits that can be grouped together.


I am INFJ introversion/intuition/feeling/judging...i guess this fits me. but then again, i can see myself fitting into all of the categories depending on the circumstance that i am placed in and the stage of life that i am in.
there is something fun about taking personality tests like this one though...


My problem with these tests is that for anyone who has any idea what the test is about (i.e. what the difference is between, say, thinking and feeling), then it is impossible to objectively take the test without easily figuring out what questions such as "Which do you prefer: thinking or feeling?" are trying to do. I think a better test, though it uses slightly differenc categories, is the personality test one can find at www.thespark.com . That one I can take more than once and not end up as something completely different (whether I'm an ENTP or an ENFP seems to be completely up in the air...).


this is the test that i was telling you all about in class ...http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp. it is the test that i am using in my paper.

Ronald Douché

Apparently, I'm am Native American (INTP)!!

See y'all bitches on the flip side. Stay up, do right, chin up, chest out and shut that face.

P.S. It's pronounced [Doo'shay']

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